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Traeger Auger Drive OEM Motor [XP7252] BRN100 KIT0020

by Traeger
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TRAEGER Pellet grills that use a 2 RPM CW motor.  It has a 5/16" x 11/16" shaft with a thru hole in it.  Every motor is run checked and sound tested at the factory to make sure that they meet quality control standards.  They are manufactured in an ISO certified factory and meet the component safety requirements.  They come with a one year limited warranty, that can be conveniently filed online if needed.    The warranty even covers excessive noise !  

These motors are manufactured and ship from the factory with a CW (clockwise) motor rotation, which is required for the TRAEGER pellet grills that this motor replaces.
They have the "Plug & Play" Molex style plug on them, as pictured.    

OEM Replacement for TRAEGER part no: BRN100 

Replacement Auger Feeder Drive Motor (2 RPM CW Nominal, 1.7 RPM CW actual)
.26 AMP motor

1-  Auger Motor w/Molex Connector
1-  Retainer Screw & Lock Nut
1-  Basic Instructions
2-  Cable ties
      Fits almost all Traeger™ Pellet Grills  (this list is not all inclusive)
  • BBQ100   BBQ100
  • Century   BBQ07C.01
  • Deluxe   BBQ300
  • Executive   BBQ125
  • Junior   BBQ055
  • Junior Elite (Canada)   TFB30LZAC
  • Lil' Pig   BBQPIG
  • Lil' Tex Elite   BBQ07E.06
  • Lil' Tex   BBQ070
  • Lil' Tex Elite Limited Edition   BBQ07ELE
  • Lil' Tex Pro - Bronze (Canada)   CAN07E.01
  • Lil' Tex Pro - Blue (Canada)   CAN07E.02
  • Lonestar   BBQ07C.03
  • Longhorn Steer   BBQLHS
  • Professional   BBQ123, BBQ124
  • PTG   BBQ020
  • PTG (Canada)   CAN020.01
  • PTG   Limited Edition BBQ020LE
  • Select Elite   BBQ400.04
  • Select Pro - Black (Canada)   CAN400.01
  • Select Pro - Bronze (Canada)   CAN400.02
  • Select Pro - Blue ( Canada)   CAN400.03
  • Smith & Wesson   22 MAG SWS022
  • Smith & Wesson   32 MAG SWS032
  • Smith & Wesson   44 MAG SWS044
  • Smith & Wesson   357 MAG SWS357
  • Smith & Wesson   500 MAG SWS500
  • Standard   BBQ060
  • Tailgater - Bronze (Canada)   CAN155.01
  • Tailgater - Blue (Canada)   CAN155.02
  • Texas   BBQ075
  • Texas Elite   BBQ075.04
  • Texas Pro - Bronze (Canada)   CAN075.01
  • Texas Pro - Blue (Canada)   CAN075.02
  • Texas Limited Edition   BBQ075LE
  • Traeger XL BBQ150


  • Double Commercial Trailer   COM190
  • Large Commercial Trailer   COM200