SHINESTAR 4FT Upgraded Propane Hose with Gauge for Blackstone 17/22in Griddle Converts to 5-40lb Tank




  • Propane adapter hose with gauge lets your 1lb portable appliance connect the grill to a 5-40lb tank , so you never run out of fuel again.
  • Used for Blackstone 17"/22" portable grill, weber q gas grill, Coleman gas stove, Cuisinart/ tabletop grill, portable heater and more 1lb portable appliance
  • The propane has a Gauge can accurate gauge measures remaining propane, No more worry of running out of fuel before the food is cooked, no need to spend more money to buy a propane tank gauge.
  • Type-1 connection Acme Nut(QCC1/Type1) x 1''-20 Male Throwaway Cylinder Thread (1lb connection)
  • Long-lasting rubber and solid brass fittings, 4-feet long. Easily connects small appliance to propane tank

Details: The SHINESTAR hose adapter is the size that fits the small green canisters that are normally used with portable propane appliances, it will fit into the coupler that was originally designed for a one pound propane tank on most small appliances. You can easily attach your larger fuel tank to your portable appliance, for saving money and giving you the choice between 16.4 oz tank and a 20lb tank.

Product Specification
Gas type: LP/LPG
Inlet Pressure:25-250PSI
Material: High quality rubber
Length: 4 feet /48 inch
Apply to: outdoor heater, portable grill, propane stove , lantern and more
For your safety ALL propane appliances like gas grills, lanterns, heaters and stoves are OUTDOOR Use.
FULLY TIGHTENED at both propane tank side and grill side before using on your propane appliances to prevent leakage.

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