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We would like to thank all our customers as we celebrate 13 years in business!!!! Our families are grateful.
We would like to thank all our customers as we celebrate 13 years in business!!!! Our families are grateful.
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Oregon 72-072 Wheel, 12 x 175

by Oregon
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Original price $22.95 - Original price $22.95
Original price $22.95
$22.95 - $22.95
Current price $22.95

Brand: Oregon


  • Semi-pneumatic wheel
  • Size: 12" diameter, 1.75" tread width, 2.375" hub width.
  • Inner diameter: 1/2"
  • Hub: plastic spoke with ball bearing; Diamond tread
  • Replacement for MTD 734-04082

Details: This semi-pneumatic wheel is 12 x 175 and has a spoke hub with a ball bearing and diamond tread. Fit Guide : 106 MODELS, 11A-052A731, 11A-054D731, 11A-41MB000, 11A-41MB029, 11A-503A800, 11A-503F000, 11A-503F700, 11A-503F800, 11A-504A031, 11A-504A752, 11A-504B090, 11A-504C000, 11A-504E000, 11A-504E020, 11A-504E765, 11A-504G200, 11A-504J000, 11A-504J231, 11A-504K290, 11A-504R200, 11A-504R220, 11A-508A099, 11A-508B752, 11A-508H731, 11A-508N731, 11A-508O731, 11A-509R705, 11A-50JC006, 11A-50M9000, 11A-50M9006, 11A-50MB000, 11A-50MB006, 11A-50MB031, 11A-542Q724, 11A-543B700, 11A-543C700, 11A-544A000, 11A-544A020, 11A-544A031, 11A-544A059, 11A-544B004, 11A-544C000, 11A-544C059, 11A-544E029, 11A-544E700, 11A-544F004, 11A-544G200, 11A-544K204, 11A-544R229, 11A-544S220, 11A-544S231, 11A-545D734, 11A-546B029, 11A-546B729, 11A-546H229, 11A-546M029, 11A-546N229, 11A-549G729, 11A-549P713, 11A-549Q001, 11A-549Q229, 11A-549Q597, 11A-549Q755, 11A-549R031, 11A-549R729, 11A-549R730, 11A-549R731, 11A-549S231, 11A-54K3001, 11A-54K6031, 11A-54M7001, 11A-54M7031, 11A-54M9006, 11A-54MB029, 11A-54MC000, 11A-54MC006, 11A-54MY229, 11A-54MZ231, 11A-584E765, 12A-524A731, 12A-527G030, 12A-528F731, 12A-528N731, 12A-529R090, 12A-529S290, 12A-567A795

Part Number: 72-072

model number: 72-072