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Oregon 72-072 Wheel, 12 x 175

by Oregon
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Original price $28.95
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Brand: Oregon


  • Semi-pneumatic wheel
  • Size: 12" diameter, 1.75" tread width, 2.375" hub width.
  • Inner diameter: 1/2"
  • Hub: plastic spoke with ball bearing; Diamond tread
  • Replacement for MTD 734-04082

Details: This semi-pneumatic wheel is 12 x 175 and has a spoke hub with a ball bearing and diamond tread. Fit Guide : 106 MODELS, 11A-052A731, 11A-054D731, 11A-41MB000, 11A-41MB029, 11A-503A800, 11A-503F000, 11A-503F700, 11A-503F800, 11A-504A031, 11A-504A752, 11A-504B090, 11A-504C000, 11A-504E000, 11A-504E020, 11A-504E765, 11A-504G200, 11A-504J000, 11A-504J231, 11A-504K290, 11A-504R200, 11A-504R220, 11A-508A099, 11A-508B752, 11A-508H731, 11A-508N731, 11A-508O731, 11A-509R705, 11A-50JC006, 11A-50M9000, 11A-50M9006, 11A-50MB000, 11A-50MB006, 11A-50MB031, 11A-542Q724, 11A-543B700, 11A-543C700, 11A-544A000, 11A-544A020, 11A-544A031, 11A-544A059, 11A-544B004, 11A-544C000, 11A-544C059, 11A-544E029, 11A-544E700, 11A-544F004, 11A-544G200, 11A-544K204, 11A-544R229, 11A-544S220, 11A-544S231, 11A-545D734, 11A-546B029, 11A-546B729, 11A-546H229, 11A-546M029, 11A-546N229, 11A-549G729, 11A-549P713, 11A-549Q001, 11A-549Q229, 11A-549Q597, 11A-549Q755, 11A-549R031, 11A-549R729, 11A-549R730, 11A-549R731, 11A-549S231, 11A-54K3001, 11A-54K6031, 11A-54M7001, 11A-54M7031, 11A-54M9006, 11A-54MB029, 11A-54MC000, 11A-54MC006, 11A-54MY229, 11A-54MZ231, 11A-584E765, 12A-524A731, 12A-527G030, 12A-528F731, 12A-528N731, 12A-529R090, 12A-529S290, 12A-567A795

Part Number: 72-072

model number: 72-072