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Onclaw Wood Grill Scraper for Outdoor or Indoor Grill

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Original price $22.99
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  • HIGH-QUALITY: This wood grill scraper is made of high-quality wood to ensure it lasts. This is best for cleaning before or after grilling, leaving no bristles behind as a cleaning brush would.
  • SIMPLE DESIGN: Our wood grill scraper is designed to be a must-have accessory for any grill caddy. Its simplicity will work with your gas grill, flat top grill, camping grill, & indoor grill.
  • CONFORMS TO YOUR GRILL: This grill scraper will conform to your grill, allowing it to get a deeper and more efficient cleaning every time you use it.
  • DESIGNED FOR CLEANING: This grill cleaner will leave your grill sparkling clean. No more messy barbeque grill. Let Onclaw complete your outdoor grill accessories.
  • USEFUL FOR ALL GRILL TYPES: Designed to scrape at any grill type. It can scrape an electric grill, excellent for grills outdoor cooking, or it can even be a cast iron grill cleaner. Truly universal.

Details: Our Onclaw Wood Grill Scraper is perfect for any type of grill. On your first time using, just apply the scraper to a heated grill, which will burn grooves into the wood, allowing it to perfectly conform to the shape of any grill. After that, each time it is used it will be able to perfectly scrape away any leftover food, charcoal or residue, all without leaving behind any metal bristles from your typical grill scraper. This is a perfect tool for any frequent barbeque user.