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We would like to thank all our customers as we celebrate 13 years in business!!!! Our families are grateful.
We would like to thank all our customers as we celebrate 13 years in business!!!! Our families are grateful.
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Music City Metals 92731 Porcelain Steel Heat Plate Replacement for Select Gas Grill Models by Coleman, Grill Master and Others

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Original price $48.95 - Original price $48.95
Original price $48.95
$48.95 - $48.95
Current price $48.95

Brand: Music City Metals


  • Listing is for a single heat plate.
  • 27.6875 x 8.25 inch porcelain steel heat plate
  • Fits Coleman 3000, AG30610EB, DT331-BBF, HG30610EB, HG3061EB, HG3061OEB, LG30610EB, LG30611E, LG39611SB, LT30610EB, LT30611E; Grill Master BG4622YPB
  • Fits Grill Master FG9622YPB, HG6622SP, HG7620SPB, HG7621YPB, HG7622YPB, RG6622YPB, SG4610HP, SG5600SPB, SG5622RP, SG6622RP, SG6622RPB, SG7620EPB
  • Fits Grill Master SG7620SP, SG7620SPB, SG7621YPB, SG7622RP, SG7622RPB, SG9622SPBX, SG9622YP, SG9622YPB, SK7620SPB, ST6601YPB, ST9622SPBX

Details: Porcelain steel heat plate for Gas Grill Models Coleman 3000, Coleman AG30610EB, Coleman DT331-BBF, Coleman HG30610EB, Coleman HG3061EB, Coleman HG3061OEB, Coleman LG30610EB, Coleman LG30611E, Coleman LG39611SB, Coleman LT30610EB, Coleman LT30611E, Grill Master BG4622YPB, Grill Master FG9622YPB, Grill Master HG6622SP, Grill Master HG7620SPB, Grill Master HG7621YPB, Grill Master HG7622YPB, Grill Master RG6622YPB, Grill Master SG4610HP, Grill Master SG5600SPB, Grill Master SG5622RP, Grill Master SG6622RP, Grill Master SG6622RPB, Grill Master SG7620EPB, Grill Master SG7620SP, Grill Master SG7620SPB, Grill Master SG7621YPB, Grill Master SG7622RP, Grill Master SG7622RPB, Grill Master SG9622SPBX, Grill Master SG9622YP, Grill Master SG9622YPB, Grill Master SK7620SPB, Grill Master ST6601YPB, Grill Master ST9622SPBX, Grill Master WG7622WP, Sunbeam HG4610EP, Sunbeam HG6601SP, Sunbeam HG7620SPB, Sunbeam HG7621YPB, Sunbeam HN4610EP, Sunbeam SG4610HP, Sunbeam SG5600EP, Sunbeam SG5600EPB, Sunbeam SG5600SPB, Sunbeam SG6601SPB, Sunbeam SG6601SPBX, Sunbeam SG7620EPB, Sunbeam SG7620SP, Sunbeam SG7620SPB, Sunbeam SG7621SP, Sunbeam SG9622SPBX, Sunbeam ST3521SPBX, Sunbeam ST4610HP, Sunbeam ST5600EP, Sunbeam ST5600EPB, Sunbeam ST5600SPB, Sunbeam ST9622SPBX, Sunbeam WG4610HP

Part Number: 121055570

model number: 92731