MTD Genuine Parts 987-02516A Hinged Mulching Plug Assembly

by MTD

Brand: MTD

Color: Black


  • This is an O. E. M. Authorized part
  • Fits various MTD models including, but not limited to: 11A-BBL765, 11A-BS57, 11A-BBL7, 11A-A2S57, 12A-ABE7, 11A-AX7, 12A-AM57
  • Ome Part Number 987-2516A
  • This is a MTD replacement part
  • See product description below to determine if this unit fits your model.

Binding: Lawn & Patio

Publisher: Arnold Corporation

Details: This is an O. E. M. Authorized part. Fits in the popular models (but not limited to): 11A-B2A9711, 12ACC6S6709, 18AEB9C7766, 12ABB22J756, 12AQC6B9599, 12AGB2S6701, 12AKD3AQ701, 11A-A2BA700, 12AVB2BV766, 11A-B22Q504, 11A-A2BA700, 18BEB9C7766, 18BEB9C7766, 18DGB2C7766, 12A-K2M5783, 12A-K2M7766, 18AEB9C7766, 18BGB2C7766, 12A-B2AQ897, 12ACC35S766, 12AGA25S711, 11A-B22Q504, 11A-A2BM711, 11A-A2BM711, 11A-A2BM711, 11A-B0BL765, 11A-B0BL765, 11A-B0BL765, 12A-A2BU711, 12A-A2BU711, 12A-A2BU711, 12A-A2BU711, 11A-A23O711, 12AVB2AQ711, 12AVB2AQ711, 12AVB2A3711, 12AVB2A3711, 11A-B2BW799, 11A-B2RQ711, 11A-B2RQ711, 11A-B2RQ711, 11A-B0BL729, 11A-B0BL729, 11A-B2AQ711, 11A-B23Z758, 11A-A2BA758, 11A-A2BA758, 11A-A2BA758, 11A-A2BF758, 11A-A23K758, 11A-B28S799, 11A-B0S5700, 11A-B0S5700, 11A-B0S5700, 11A-B0S5700, 12B-B28S799, 12A-B28S799, 11A-B9A9729, 11A-B25F799, 12ABD3BZ711, 12ABD3BZ711, 11A-A25F799, 11A-B24Z758, 12AVB2RQ719, 12AGA2A6711, 11A-A0S5700, 11A-A0S5700, 11A-A0S5700, 12A-A03Z758, 12A-A03Z758, 12A-A2B8799, 12A-A2B8799, 12A-A2B8799, 11A-A0S5731, 11A-A0S5731, 11A-A0S5731, 12A-C2BU711, 12ABB22J799, 11A-B96N729, 12ABB2M5709, 12A-B2A3778, 12A-B2A3778, 11A-B22J731, 11A-B22J731, 11A-A0BR799, 12AVB2BV711, 11A-B0BS799, 11A-B2SD799, 11A-B2B6758, 11A-B2B6758, 12ABB22J709, 11A-A92J710, 12AVP2R3793, 11A-B2BM766, 11B-B0S5700, 12AGB25P799, 12AGB25P799, 11A-A2BM766, 11A-A2BM766, 11A-A2BM766

Package Dimensions: 8.7 x 5.1 x 2.2 inches

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