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MENSI 11.8” Long Propane Push Button Piezo Igniter Kit Gas Grill/Range/Heater/Stove Spaker Generator Ignition Set 2Pcs/Lot

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Original price $14.95
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Brand: MENSI


  • DIY kit suitable for all Propane & Natural Gas Gears but you may need do some modification during installation, It not fits all the current hole for install or the length of wire (if power is not enough you can use two)
  • Output voltage: >=20kv,Sparking distance: 3-5mm, wire length 30cm, Electrode : M10*1 length: 57mm
  • No battery needed just press, one press one spark but Make sure you connect the groud wire or touch grouding points. Life time: Over 30000times
  • Installtion Tips: VERY IMPORTANT!!! - the piezo igniter has a silver single line which act as ground connection point. you must tough that point to a metal control pannel or add some metal to get a singnal there so you can get it correct spark. Without Connect well, The igniter cannot ignite the burner because the spark will not come from the head of electrode pin
  • Pin straight length: 19.5mm 135degree at head 9.0mm

Details: MENSI push button Piezo igniter with threaded electrode ignition spark plug wire 30cm electronic ignition devicebr> Specifition & data:br> Length: 9cmbr> Diameter: 2.6cmbr> Output voltage: >=18kvbr> Pressure:3.0±0.5kgbr> Applicable Gas: LPG, NGbr> Temperature-resistance: -20°C~120°Cbr> No battery just press, one press one spark. Wire length: 30cm Pin straight length: 19.5mm 135degree at head 9.0mm Suitable all propane product ignition Lift time: around 30000times This is a easy kit for propane appliance if your current model is manual ignition, you can do some hole of your plate and diy your product into a piezo ignition. It may not fit all current models and you need do some changed. Attention: The piezo igniter nut should be conect a metal board of your grill or you need add a ground wire to let it work.

Part Number: SMT-DHQ001/DHZ008

model number: SMT-DHQ003/DHZX016