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MEANLIN MEASURE Bimetal Oven Thermometer, BBQ Barbecue Thermometer Grill Thermometer Grill Replacement Parts(1 mounting Studs)(1-Pack)

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Original price $16.95
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  • 【Temperature range】38~430℃ (100~800℉)
  • ✔Stainless steel material, high strength, high temperature resistance, long service life
  • ✔High precision, accurate reading, convenient installation and carrying
  • ✔Suitable for grills, heat indicator replacement parts, BBQ grills, etc.
  • ✔No battery required, it's a small accessory for long-lasting backup

Details: ★Product Specifications: Apply to Brinkmann:7231,810-1415-W, 810-1420- 0,810 -1420- 1,810 -1450- 1,810 -2415- w, 810-2545-W, 810-3420-W, 810-4405- 0,810 -7450- s, 810-8300, 810-8300- w, 810-9200- 0,810 -9325- 0,810 -9419, 810-9419- 1,810 -9500- 0,810 -9520- s, 810-9590-S, 810-9610-F, 810-9620-0 Backyard Grill Mode:810-4409-F, BY12-084-029-98, BY13-101-001-12, BY13-101-001-13, BY14-101-001-01, BY14-101-001-02, BY14-101-001-03, BY14-101-001-04, BY14-101-001-099, BY15-101-001-02, BY16-101-001-01, BY16-101-003-05, GBC1255W, GBC1355W-C, GBC1406W-C, GBC1408WDC-C, GBC1429W, GBC1440WRSB-C, GBC1449-C, GBC1449W-C, GBC1449WBS-C, GBC1449WRS-C, GBC1460W, GBC1461W, GBC1555W-C, GBC1646WSD-C, PAEPG002-2C DYNA-GLO Models:DGF493BNP, DGF510SBP, DGF510SSP, DGF510SSP-D Great Outdoors:TG560 Fits Outdoor Gourment: SRGG21101, SRGG30001C Fits Master Cook: SRGG30001B Master Forge: B10LG25, DG0576CC Grill King: 810-9325-0 Members Mark Model: GR2001402-MM-00, GR3055-014571 Fits BBQ Grillware Model: GGPL-2100 Uniflame Models: GBC091W, GBC1343WP-U, GBC730W, GBC820W, GBC831WB, GBC9129M, GBC920W1, GBC981W, GBC981W-C, GBC983W-C

Part Number: BXG SK TYX

model number: XJ-104