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Grill Basket - Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel - Rolling Grilling Basket – Grill Vegetable Basket - BBQ Grill Accessories for Outdoor Cooking of Veggie, Shrimp, Meat, Fish and More

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Brand: NovaDesign


  • Rolling Grilling Basket: Struggling with small pieces of barbecue food falling out of the grill space? With our innovative rolling grill basket, you can now grill shrimp, vegetables and small diced meats without any loss and have a delicious and clutter-free cooking experience.
  • Premium Quality Material: NovaDesign bbq grill basket is made of stainless steel (304) material that is suitable for foodstuffs and durable. We've gone the extra mile by redesigning this product with improved wire thickness and improved design, providing you with a grilling basket that's built to withstand frequent use and the rigors of outdoor cooking.
  • Large capacity: The grilling basket has a large cooking area and allows you to cook a variety of foods at once.
  • Easy Cleaning: Whether you wash by hand or use the dishwasher, you can make your outdoor cooking experience seamless.
  • Multi-functional: The grill basket is not just a versatile accessory for grilling veggies; it also doubles as an efficient storage container for your fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. This unique functionality enables you to optimize your fridge's shelf space while keeping your produce neatly organized.

Details: Redefining the Pleasure of Barbecue: Grilling will no longer involve just cooking; it will mean sharing an experience. A new and enjoyable way to have a barbecue with the NovaDesign Grill Basket is waiting for you. Trigger Your Creativity: Put vegetables, meat or any flavor in it, close the lid and get ready for an exquisite barbecue feast. Thanks to the fork provided on the side, you can effortlessly turn over your delicious grilling basket at any time. Durability and Aesthetics Together: The NovaDesign vegetable grill basket is made of 1 mm of high-quality 304 stainless steel. The use of quality materials gives the product a heavy and solid feel. Large Cooking Area: Whether you decide to organize a delightful family barbecue or host a private barbecue party for your friends, its dimensions of 11.8 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches offer ample cooking space to keep everyone satisfied. Easy Cleaning, Pleasant Care: You can restore the product to the state it was on the first day by putting it in the dishwasher or washing it by hand. Package Includes: Round Grill Basket Small Hook Small Fork ⚠ Attention: There may be very few traces on the welding parts of the product (impact marks); however, these will have no effect on the robustness or functionality of the product. Only minor visual defects may occur. ⚠ Safe Use: Avoid direct contact with high temperatures on the barbecue. If direct contact is required, be sure to use heat-resistant gloves. Take your barbecue pleasure to the next level with the NovaDesign Grill Basket. Step into a world full of delicacies!