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We would like to thank all our customers as we celebrate 13 years in business!!!! Our families are grateful.
We would like to thank all our customers as we celebrate 13 years in business!!!! Our families are grateful.
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Genesis II E-310 Flavorizer Bars Heat Deflector Grill Replacement Parts for Weber Genesis ii and ii LX 300 Series ii E-320 ii E-330 ii S-310 ii S-320 ii S-330 Genesis 2 300 Series Favorizer Bars

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Original price $65.95 - Original price $65.95
Original price $65.95
$65.95 - $65.95
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Brand: Grillflame


  • ✅ 【DURABLE MATERIAL】 The weber genesis ii 300 grill parts are made of solid stainless steel, rustproof, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, easy to clean up, weber genesis ii e-310 parts flavorizer bars heat deflectors replacement are thicker and heavier than other materials, ensure weber genesis ii gs4 grill parts flavorizer bars heat deflector long term use. Weber genesis ii s-345 parts will not brittle or crack easily, ensure long term use and requires very low maintenance.
  • ✅【COMPATIBLE WITH WEBER GENESIS II 300 GRILL ORIGINAL PARTS NUMBER】 66795, 66032, 67095, 90235, 66040, 66685, W38AW and more weber genesis ii 300 grill parts.(weber genesis ii flavorizer bars 66795, weber 66795 flavorizer bars stainless steel , weber 66795 flavorizer bars genesis ii 300 series, weber 66795 flavorizer bars, 66795 flavorizer bars, weber 66032 flavorizer bars, weber 66685 heat deflector, weber grill parts 66685, stainless steel heat deflectors replacement parts weber 66040 66685.)
  • ✅【FITS WEBER GENESIS II AND LX 300 SERIES GRILLS】 Weber genesis ii E-310, ii S-310, ii SE-310, ii E-315, ii S-315, ii CSS-315, ii CSE-315, ii E-325, ii E-330, ii S-330, ii SE-330, ii CE-330, ii E-335, ii S-335, ii SE-335, ii CSS-335, ii CSE-335, ii S-345, ii LX S-340, ii LX CSS-340, ii LX CSE-340, ii LX E-340 with front control (2017 and newer) and more genesis ii and ii lx 300 gs4 gas grills. ✅【NOT FITS WEBER GENESIS 300 SERIES GRILLS】(weber genesis ii s-345 parts, weber genesis ii e-310 parts)
  • ✅【FITS WEBER GRILL MODEL NUMBER】61010001, 66010001, 66060001, 61011001, 66011001, 61000001, 61001001, 66001001, 61060001, 61010201, 61011201, 61015001, 61025001, 61075001, 66015001, 61005401, 61015401, 61017901, 61077901, 61012001, 61012201, 61012401, 61006001, 66006001, 61016201, 61006401, 61016401, 61016001, 61006599, 61004001, 61004201, 61014201, 61014001 and more genesis 2 300 grills.
  • ✅【FITS WEBER GRILL MODEL NUMBER】66014001, 66017901, 66077901, 66000001, 66011201, 66010201, 66005401, 66015401, 66012001, 66012201, 66012401, 66016201, 66006401, 66016401, 66016001, 66004001, 66004201, 66014201 and more weber genesis 2 300 grill parts.
  • ✅【PACKAGE AND SIZE】 Come with 5pcs 17.1" L X 3" W X 2" H weber 66795 flavorizer bars, 2pcs 12.5" L x 4.25" W weber genesis ii grill parts gs4 weber 66685 heat deflectors genesis ii e-310 parts. ✅【PLEASE NOTE】Please compare with the size and original part number of weber genesis ii gs4 grill before order to find the most suitable weber grill replacement parts genesis ii 300 series flavorizer bars and heat deflectors.
  • ✅【UNIFORM HEAT DISTRIBUTION AND SMOKY FLAVOR TO FOODS】 Weber genesis ii e-310 flavorizer bars grill parts stainless steel weber genesis ii flavorizer bars 66795 with V-shaped angle can catch drippings, will sizzle and smoke, adding smoky flavor to food, but also can prevent flare-ups, protect grill burner. And distribute heat evenly for optimal heating and cooking performance. Weber 66685 heat deflectors can deflect the heat back up toward the cooking surface.

Part Number: 66795, 66032, 67095, 90235

model number: ii e/s310, ii e/s320, ii e/s330, lx 340