GasSaf L15.3 Flavorizer Bar Replacement Gas Grill Front Controls (L15.3 x W2.6X T2.5inch)(5-Pack)

by GasSaf


  • Replacement part for Spirit 300 series gas grills (with front-mounted control panels)
  • Replacement for Weber 2013 Models(with Up Front control panels): E-310 46510001, E-310 47510001, E-320 46710001, Spirit-310 46500401, Spirit-320 46700401, Spirit-320 47700401
  • Replacement for Weber 2014 Models(with Up Front control panels): E-310 46513101, E-310 47513101
  • Replacement for Weber 2015 Models(with Up Front control panels): E-330 46810001, Spirit-330 46800401, Spirit-330 47800401
  • Package:Set of 5 packs. Materials: Stainless Steel flavorizer bar, corrosion resistance, heat resistant and more durable (please note that the service life of a product depends on the material not the thickness). Dimensions: L15.3" x W2.6”x T2.5” . Please check the model and dimensions of your original parts before you order

Details: Specifications:

Replacement part for :

★ Replacement part for Spirit 300 series gas grills (with front-mounted control panels)

★ Weber 2013 Models(with Up Front control panels): E-310 46510001, E-310 47510001, E-320 46710001, Spirit-310 46500401, Spirit-320 46700401, Spirit-320 47700401

★ Weber 2014 Models(with Up Front control panels): E-310 46513101, E-310 47513101

★ Weber 2015 Models(with Up Front control panels): E-330 46810001, Spirit-330 46800401, Spirit-330 47800401


★ Dimensions: Long: 15.3 inch, Wide: 2.6 inch, Tall: 2.5 inch

★ Package: set of 5 packs.

★ Materials: stainless steel


★ Easy to clean up

★ Easy install to your grill

★ Made of stainless steel, heat resistant and more durable.

Aftermarket replacements, please double measure the size and shape of your original parts and compare with ours before ordering

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