GARDEASE ReLeaf Leaf Scoops: Ergonomic, Large Hand Held Rakes for Fast Leaf & Lawn Grass Removal



Color: Green


  • Oversize leaf claws - the releaf closed design gets the job done quickly, wet or dry with minimal fuss or spills
  • Protection for you - a barrier from stinging nettles, rosebushes and weeds
  • Other uses include: an extra size hand for fruit picking, spreading mulch, feeding leaf shredders, and a hygienic pet mess clean up tool
  • Intelligent uncomplicated storage - easy hang and fit together design

Details: Releaf Leaf Scoops - We've Got Your Yard Uncovered- Save time- Spend more time doing what you enjoy - Protection- A barrier from sharp and stinging nettles - Keep clean- Scoop up without getting your hands dirty - Fun for all the family - Ergonomic design turns little hands into bear claws The premium leaf scoop solution for you, family and friends"An innovative present that is a significant addition to every kitchen tool box or garden shed, these multipurpose giant hands are ideal for picking up leaves, needles, plant trimmings, trash and sharp items." Recycling and composting These leaf scoops are excellent for transporting and spreading compost and mulch. Sized perfectly to fit all yard bags and trash cans, the closed scoop design keeps small items from slipping out. Use one as a rake to gather stray leaves to stack for easy bagging or mulching. These really are the extra pair of hands you have been looking for. Why choose Releaf Scoops by Gardease- Robust design - Easy hang, stack-able storage - Precision manufacturing process - No moving parts - One size fits all

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