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We would like to thank our now 1,000,000+ CUSTOMERS and 12 years in business!!!! Our families are grateful.
We would like to thank our now 1,000,000+ CUSTOMERS and 12 years in business!!!! Our families are grateful.

Durable 240323002 Refrigerator Door Shelf - Replaces AP2115742 EA429725 PS429725

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$24.95 - $24.95
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Brand: PartsBroz


  • 💡 240323002 Replacement Fridge Door Shelf - A high-quality exact equivalent for part numbers AP2115742, 240323005, 240323006, 240323009, 240323010, 890955, AH429725, EA429725, PS429725.
  • 🔧 DIY Tips Included - Not sure how to replace the part? Helpful information can be found on the page below. Scroll down to get more repair tips. Acquire valuable skills during the DIY repair project.
  • 💡 Compatibility With Major Brands - Refrigerator replacement bins are compatible with Frigidaire, Crosley, Kenmore appliances. Door shelves fit hundreds of models and can be installed in a few minutes.
  • 💡 Helps With The Following Issues - 240323002 Replacement Refrigerator Shelves will help if your previous part is broken, leaking, or missing. It's very easy to install and won't require any tools.
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Details: Restore storage space to your refrigerator with the PartsBroz 240323002 exact equivalent refrigerator bin. Its durable heavy-duty plastic design offers long-lasting use, keeping your fridge organized for years. The refrigerator door bin fits several refrigerator models including those made by Frigidaire, White Westinghouse, Kelvinator, Gibson, Kenmore, Sears, Tappan and Electrolux. Compatible models include: PLHS69EESS2, PLHS269ZCB4, PLHS69EGSS1, PLHS269ZCB2, FRS26LF8CSN, PLHS267ZDB7, PLHS267ZAB0, FRS26LF8CS1, FRS26LF8CS3, FRS6L9EFSS0, PLHS267ZCB2, PLRS267ZAB1, FRS6LF7FS6, FRS6LC8FS3, PLHS267ZAB3, FRS6LF7FS4, PLHS269ZDB9, PLHS267ZCB4, PLHS67EGSB2, PLHS268ZCB1, PLHS69EGSS4, PLRS267ZAB0, GLRS264ZAW1, PLHS67EESB4, FRS6HR5HW3, FRS6LF7FW3, PLHS67EGSB1, FRS26H7CSB2, PLHS267ZAB5, FRS6L7EES1, FRS6LF7FW6, PLHS267ZCB0, PLHS269ZCB0, PLRS267ZAB7, PLHS67EGSB5, FRS26H7CSB4, PLHS267ZAB6, PLHS268ZCB2, PLHS269ZDB2, FRS6LC8FS4, GLRS64ZEB6, PLHS267ZDB5, PLHS67EGSB3, PLHS69EESS1, FRS6LF7FW8, FRS6LF7FS3, GLRS267ZAW1, LESR26EFE0, PLRS267ZAB5 and FRS6LF7FM8. Replaces part numbers: 0I-0S7F-8P93, 240323005, 240323006, 240323009, 240323010, 3K-3GX5-4LAB, 3R-SQO2-7T5Q, 890955, AH429725, AP2115742, DP-CCQ1-8CR5, EA429725, 18V0W1PM, DP-CCQ1-8CR5, EAP429725, II-VZTI-X7N9, JT-ILXD-04TL, LV-FRI3-FXHN and PS429725.