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Detroit Thermo Ariens Replacement snowblower Skid Shoes Non-Abrasive Polymer fits Ariens

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Brand: Detroit Thermo


  • Will not scratch or rust stain concrete driveways
  • Will not damage paver brick driveways
  • Slippery UHMW plastic makes the snowblower easier to push and turn
  • 3" slot spacing center to center

Details: Non-abrasive skid shoes to fit Ariens Sno-Thro snowblowers. These are made from genuine USA manufactured UHMW polyethylene plastic. These make your snowblower easier to maneuver, they don't damage driveways as much as steel skids do. They don't leave rust marks on concrete, they don't damage paver brick driveways like steel does. This is a set of two pieces of skid shoes to go on both sides of the snowblower. This is a replacement set of skid shoes only, it does not include hardware which you can re-use. If you are replacing steel skid shoes, you will need longer carriage bolts. You can buy (Quantity of 4) 1-1/4" long (or longer) 3/8" carriage head bolts. You can also check my other listing for skid shoes with new hardware. Fits Ariens models: ST3524, ST424, ST520, ST520E, ST524, ST624, ST624E, ST724, ST732, ST8, ST824, ST924DLE, ST924LET, ST927LE, ST1024, ST1028, ST1128, ST1130, ST1130DLE, ST1130LET, ST1332, ST1336 Also fits many John Deere, MTD and other snowblowers that use two slots on 3" centers Replaces Ariens OEM part numbers: 00837900, 01016500, 02459951, 02483851, 02483859, 72600300, Replaces John Deere OEM part numbers: M124413, M144012 Replaces MTD OEM part numbers: 05002, 05002-0637 Skid Shoe Specifications: Material: Quadrant Plastics UHMW Black Repro Width: 1.250" to 1.320" Height: 3-5/8" Length: 5-5/8" Slots center to center: 3" Slot width: 7/16" Slot length: 1-3/4"