Brinkmann 116-7000-0 Replacement Part - Electric Heating Element

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Brand: Brinkmann

Details: Don't retire your electric smoker or buy a new one. Brinkmanships 1500-watt electric heating element is an original replacement for the Brinkmann Gourmet Electric 810-7080-K CookN CaJun 850-7005-0 Gourmet Electric 810-7080-0 Gourmet Electric 810-7090-S Grill Zone Smoker 810-7080-T SmokeN Grill 810-5290-5 SmokeN Grill 810-5290-C and SmokeN Pit 810-5290-E. Give your electric smoker new life and get back to enjoying the consistent performance of an electric smoker.

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