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We would like to thank our now 1,000,000+ CUSTOMERS and 12 years in business!!!! Our families are grateful.
We would like to thank our now 1,000,000+ CUSTOMERS and 12 years in business!!!! Our families are grateful.
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Blackstone Deluxe Spatula Griddle Kit (6-Piece) with Stainless Steel Tongs, Grill Hamburger Flipping Spatulas, BBQ Scraper, Batter Dispenser & Mixer Bottle, 5069, Grilling Tools & Accessory

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  • 6-Piece deluxe griddle spatula kit is the perfect add-on to your cooking experience featuring stainless steel tongs with wooden handle, 2 stainless steel spatula with wooden handle, stainless steel scraper with wooden handle, and a 32 oz. Bottle.
  • 14-inch stainless steel tongs. Ideal tool with wooden handle to lift delicate foods and large cuts of meat while cooking on your Blackstone Griddle. Suitable for flipping foods, picking foods from hot water and handling hot foods from the grill.
  • 32 oz. Sauce/liquid bottle. Blackstone premium quality batter mixer bottle is used to hold water or oil to add moisture and flavor on demand. Using these same liquids, you can cool down a hot griddle, steam veggies, and even remove cooked-on food.
  • 2 Stainless steel barbecue spatula & hamburger spatula. Flip juicy burgers on the griddle with this BBQ grill spatula made of stainless steel material and a hardwood handle. Professional-grade Long Spatulas are great for flipping burgers, pancakes, and more.
  • Stainless steel griddle scraper. Blackstone Stainless Steel Scraper with Wooden Handle is a tool that makes it easy for you to clean or remove grease off of your griddle. Remove stuck foods, debris, and for dealing with dried or burnt-on foods after cooking.

Details: 6-Piece Deluxe Spatula Griddle Kit Grill all your favorite foods with the Blackstone Griddle Spatula Kit. The spatulas are designed for safety and durability, featuring a stainless steel construction and heat-resistant hardwood handle. The beveled edges of our spatulas make them perfect for getting under any kind of food and scraping away the debris. Perfect for BBQ camping, outdoor griddling, tailgating, backyard party, and more. Up your barbecue game with the right tools! Blackstone 6-Piece Deluxe Spatula Griddle Kit is the perfect add-on to your cooking experience and makes your cooking sessions flawless and enjoyable. For easy cleaning, these spatulas are dishwasher safe. Why Choose 6-Piece Spatula Griddle Kit? ● Hamburger smasher spatulas feature beveled edges, making it easy to get underneath every last morsel. ● Our grill utensil kit offers top-of-the-line premium quality products with the Blackstone logo. ● "Griddle Essentials Cookbook" is also included to make your cooking journey exciting. ● Our hamburger spatula is great for flipping, serving, and making smash burgers. ● A batter mix bottle is perfect for holding oil or water for adding moisture to steam veggies or cool down a griddle. ● Metal hamburger spatula and a scraper are great for scraping, chopping, cleaning, flipping, and more. ● Locking and hanging grilling tongs are perfect for selecting or flipping different foods from the griddle surface with precision. ● Professional grade spatulas, scraper, and tongs all feature durable wooden handles. ● Made of heavy gauge brushed stainless steel, these grilling tools are made to last. Specifications: ● Model: 5069 ● Weight: 4.24 pounds ● Product Dimensions: 11.22 x 4.41 x 17.8 inches Package Includes: 1 x Stainless Steel Tongs 1 x 32 oz. Batter Dispenser Bottle 1 x Stainless Steel Hamburger Spatula 1 x Stainless Steel Scraper 2 x Stainless Steel Long Spatulas 1 x Griddle Recipe Cookbook

Part Number: 5069

model number: 5069