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Bar.B.Q.S 3" Smoke Grill Thermometer Gauge Temp

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  • This particular Thermometer has a 4.7CM H 7.4CM W with a 4 CM stem,universal part fits lots of grills
  • Fits Brinkmann Grill Models: 810-1415-W, 810-1420-0, 810-1420-1, 810-1450-1, 810-2415-W, 810-2545-W, 810-7450-S, 810-9200-0, 810-9325-0, 810-9419, 810-9419-1, 810-9425-W, 810-9500-0, 810-9520-S, 810-9590-S; Fits Outdoor Gourmet Gas Grill Models: SRGG21101, SRGG30001C
  • Fits Aussie Models: 6703C8FKK1, 6804S8-S11, 8462-8-MRI, 6804, 6805, 6804T8KSS1; Fits Backyard Grill Models: BY12-084-029-98, GBC1255W; Fits BBQ Grillware Grill Models: GGPL-2100; Fits Bond Gas Grill Models: GSF2616AC; Fits Master Forge Gas Grill Models: B10LG25, DG0576CC, GGP-2501; Fits Presidents Choice Models: 565698, 9011038, 09011010PC, 09011042PC, 09011044PC; Fits River Gas Grill Models: GR1031-012965; Fits Shinerich Gas Grill Models: Kingston, SRGG51111; Fits XPS Models: DXH-8501
  • Fits Charbroil Gas Grill Models: 640-01303702-3; Fits Charmglow Gas Grill Models: 810-7450-S; Fits Great Outdoors Models: TG560, TG-560; Fits Grill King Models: 810-9325-0; Fits Manhattan Gas Grill Models: K02S; Fits Master Cook Gas Grill Models: SRGG30001B; Fits Tera Gear Gas Grill Models: 314168, GSF2616AC; Fits Uniflame Models: GBC091W, GBC9129M, GBC920W1, GBC981W, GBC981W-C, GBC983W-C
  • You will not be disappointed with this item, so please BUY with confidence. Please feel free to ask any questions concerning this item.