Arnold MTD Genuine Parts Drift Cutters

by Arnold

Brand: Arnold


  • Fits most 2-stage snow throwers
  • Cuts down on the drift produced by your snow thrower
  • Cuts down snow accumulations more than two feet deep
  • Cutter mounts on the sides of the auger housing

Details: Product Description If you want your outdoor power equipment to last longer, you want Arnold parts, accessories, and attachments. Providing you with a wide variety of top-quality, snow-friendly products, Arnold winter parts and accessories will get your equipment through those cold, snowy months. Compatible with tons of major brands, 50+ years of proven performance has landed Arnold a reputation of cutting edge product innovations and extensive engineering expertise. Fits in the popular models (but not limited to)31AM66KF515, 31AM68PE593, 31AS62EE583, 31AS6AED500, 31BH55ST596, 31BH64FG500, 31AM5BTR596, 31AM5CPG599, 31AS66EF500, 31AS6CEF500, 31BH55SK596, 31BH57TU596, 31AM5BQ2563, 31AM63K2509, 31AM63KD501, 31AM6CK2897, 31AS6AED516, 31AS6AEE583, 31BH57SU596, 31BH57SY596, 31BH5DP8563, 31BH5DSB596, 31BH5ER9563, 31AM59V2897, 31AM59VR596, 31AM69PF593, 31AS5CHE793, 31AS63EE500, 31AS6BEE500, 31AM5CK3897, 31AM6CKF515, 31BH54VC596, 31BH57SX596, 31BH65KH515, 31AM69PF599, 31AS6CEF516, 31AM5BKE501, 31AM5CP2563, 31AM5CVR710, 31AM68PE599, 31AS5BSE799, 31AS6BEE516, 31BH55SB596, 31BH6DKH515, 31AM5CVR709, 31AM63SR596, 31AM6BSR596, 31AS62ED500, 31AS62EE599, 31AS63BD500, 31AS6BN2711, 31BH55SA596, 31BH57SZ596, 31AM6BP2563, 31AM6CKF583, 31AS6AEE500, 31AS6BEE515, 31BH54SC596, 31BH5DR7563, 31BH5EP9563, 31BH5EVV596, 31BH77KY597, 31AM63KE515, 31AM6BKE515, 31BH54KF501, 31BH55TA596, 31BH5FVC596, 317E643F131, 31AM63KE504, 31AM66KF583, 31AM6CHG583, 31AS62BD500, 31AS62EE500, 317E663G131, 31AM5BSR596, 31AM63FE500, 31BH55TG599, 317E613E131, OEM-190-032, 317E661E118, 317E611D352, 317E662G013, 317E640F033, 317E642E352, 317-611D000, 317E610E000, 316E610E382, 317E640F000, 315-641E000, 316E641E205, 316E640F352, 317E662G120, 316E740F352, 317E611D120, 317E642E120, 317E610E382, 317E644E129, 317E644E302, 317E660G372, 317-611D097, 317E623D401, 317E633E401, 316-641E000, 317-611D372, 317E660G000, 317-611D302, 317E660G302, 317E640F088, 317E663H401, 317E610E088, 316E660G000, 317E644E097, 317E640F700, 317E640F372, 317-611D118 The MTD Arnold drift cutter kit fits all Arnold MTD 2-stage snow throwers to cut down on the drift produced by your snow thrower. The cutter mounts on the sides of the auger housing to cut down snow accumulations more than two feet deep. From the Manufacturer If the winters snow is overwhelming your MTD Arnold Snow Thrower, maybe its time for a drift cutter attachment kit. The Drift Cutter Kit fits all of Arnolds MTD 2-stage snow throwers and is a key weapon in battling drifting snow that can keep you from driving into the garage. The cutters mount on the sides of the auger housing to hack away at snow accumulations over two feet deep. FEATURES Fits all MTD 2-stage snow throwers For use in heavy snow conditions Key weapon in battling drifting snow Works in snow over 2 feet deep.

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