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We would like to thank our now 1,000,000+ CUSTOMERS and 12 years in business!!!! Our families are grateful.
We would like to thank our now 1,000,000+ CUSTOMERS and 12 years in business!!!! Our families are grateful.

Ariens (2) Genuine Original Snow Blower Double Roller Skid Shoe 02483859 24599

by Ariens
Original price $37.95 - Original price $37.95
Original price $37.95
$37.95 - $37.95
Current price $37.95

Brand: Ariens


  • Genuine Ariens Product, OEM Part Number: 02483859
  • Fits Ariens: Classic 24 E, Compact 20, Compact 22, Compact 24, Compact Track 24, Deluxe 24, Deluxe 28, Deluxe 28 SHO, Deluxe Track 28, Deluxe 30, Deluxe 30 EFI, Platinum 24, Platinum 24 SHO, Platinum
  • Fits Ariens: ST520, ST520E, ST524, ST524E, ST5520, ST5520E, ST5524E, ST624, ST624E, ST724, ST724E, ST7524, ST7524E, ST824, ST824DL, ST824DLE, ST824E,ST824S, ST824SLE, ST8524DL, ST8524DLE, ST8524E,

Details: Ariens Skid Shoes Part Number: 02483859 Replacement for: 01016500, 02459900, 02459959 Compatible with the following vehicles: Deluxe 27 Deluxe 27 Track Deluxe 28 Deluxe 28 RapidTrak Deluxe 28 Track Deluxe 30 Deluxe 30 Track Deluxe Platinum 24 Deluxe Platinum 30 Deluxe SHO 28 Platinum SHO 24 Platinum SHO 28 RapidTrak Platinum SHO 28 Track Platinum SHO 30 Power-Brush 36 Pro 26 Pro 26 Track Pro 28 Pro 28 Track Pro 32 Pro 32 Track Pro 36 ST1024 ST1024 SHO ST1024DLE ST1024DLE Pro ST1027LE ST1027LET ST1028 ST1028DLE ST1028L ST1028LE ST1028SLE ST1032 ST1124DLE Pro ST1128DLE ST1128LE ST1130DLE ST1130LET ST1132LE ST1136 ST11526DLE ST11528DLE ST11528DLET ST11528LE ST1228E ST1228LE ST1232E ST1232LE ST1236 ST1236E ST1236LE ST1328DLE ST1328LE ST1332 ST1332DLE ST1332DLET ST1332LE ST1336 ST1336DLE ST1336LE ST2+2 20 ST2+2 20 Deluxe ST20E ST270 ST27LE ST350 ST3520 ST3524 ST4 ST420 ST424 ST5 ST5+2 20 ST504 ST520 ST520E ST524 ST524E ST5520 ST5520E ST5524E ST6 ST624 ST624E ST7 ST724 ST724E ST732 ST7524 ST7524E ST8 ST824 ST824DL ST824DLE ST824E ST824L ST824LET ST824S ST824SLE ST828 ST832 ST8524E ST8524LE ST8526DLE ST8526L ST8526LE ST924 ST924DLE ST924LE ST924LET ST926DLE ST926LE ST927LE ST927LET ST928 ST928LE ST9526DLE ST9526DLET STT8 TT8 Trac-Team

Part Number: 02483859

model number: 02483859