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97331 Porcelain Steel Heat Plate/Heat Shield

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New product: Porcelain steel heat plate for Gas Grill Models Uniflame GBC1025WE-C, Uniflame GBC621CR-C, Uniflame GBC720W-C, Uniflame GBC730E-C, Uniflame GBC730W, Uniflame GBC820W, Uniflame GBC820W-C, Uniflame GBC920W1. Cooks better! Lasts longer; Extend the life of your grill; Exact-fit parts; Durable porcelain steel construction.

Recommend you first measure the old pipe burners (length and diameter) and compare to the specs on this product listing.

  • Measures 21-3/4-inches in length by 11-3/4-inch in width
  • Fits Grill Mate Models: PR4400, PR7000, PR7100, PR-4400, PR-7000, PR-7100
  • Part Numbers: 5515167, 8GBC621CR-C, 5507319, 5GBC702W-C, 55-13-343, 5513823, 5513343, 8GBC621C, 55-15-167, 16PG2635, 55-13-823, 55-07-319, 7GBC730W-C, MCM97331, 97331, 6PR7000, 7PR4400, 13PR7100
  • 97331 replacement porcelain steel heat plate / shield Heat plate used with burner 17303
  • Fits Uniflame gas grill models : GBC1025W, GBC1025WE-C, GBC621C, GBC621CR-C, GBC720W, GBC720W-C, GBC730W, GBC730W-C, GBC820W, GBC820W-C, GBD621CR-C, PG2620, GBC-1025W, GBC-1025WE-C, GBC-621C, GBC-621CR-C, GBC-720W, GBC-720W-C, GBC-730W, GBC-730W-C, GBC-820W, GBC-820W-C, GBD-621CR-C, PG-2620