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We would like to thank all our customers as we celebrate 13 years in business!!!! Our families are grateful.
We would like to thank all our customers as we celebrate 13 years in business!!!! Our families are grateful.
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(4-Pack) AR-PRO Exact Replacement Toro 115-4695 8-Inch Wheel Gear Assembly - Rear Drive Wheels for Toro Recycler Series Lawn Mowers - Fits Toro Recycler Models with Serial Numbers 313999999 and Lower

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Brand: AR-PRO


  • AR-PRO EXACT REPLACEMENT TORO 115-4695 8-INCH WHEEL GEAR ASSEMBLY - Toro part number 115-4695 is for an 8-inch rear wheel gear assembly with plastic gears. This assembly fits and works for older Toro Recycler lawnmower models. Note that if your Toro Recycler model previously had metal gears, these plastic wheel gear assemblies won’t work on your model.
  • REAR-DRIVE WHEELS FOR TORO RECYCLER SERIES LAWN MOWERS - Our super-value pack includes 4 pieces of wheel gear assemblies for Toro Recycler series self-propelled lawnmowers. These wheel assemblies have high-quality rubber treads, white plastic rims, and black plastic gears.
  • FITS TORO RECYCLER MODELS WITH SERIAL NUMBERS 313999999 AND LOWER - These sets of rear drive wheels fit Toro Recycler series models with serial numbers that 313999999 or lower. Compatible models include 20332, 20332C, 20333, 20333C, 20334, 20334C, 20338, 20352, 20372, 20373, 20374, 20955, 20956, and 20958.
  • ENSURE AN EXACT FIT ON YOUR TORO RECYCLER MODEL - To ensure a proper fit, check your Toro Recycler model and serial numbers, then check the model’s rear-wheel part number on Toro’s website. It’s important to consider all these in the selection of replacement rear drive wheels since several Recycler wheels look very similar but have varying gear teeth counts and pitches.
  • HIGHLY DURABLE PLASTIC GEARS - Plastic gears will eventually wear down but our quality plastic gears and wheel gear assemblies will improve mowing performance and increase your lawnmower’s uptime. When installed properly, the thick and durable plastic gears can last for several mowing seasons to come.

Details: Easy to Install 8” Wheel Gear Assemblies If you find your Toro Recycler’s rear wheels constantly slipping, it may be time for a wheel replacement. One of the most common causes for the rear drive wheels slipping is worn gears. If you’re thinking of only replacing the gears, think again. Installing a new gear into an old wheel requires more effort and maintenance than replacing the entire wheel gear assembly. Installing these wheel gear assemblies is as easy as removing one bolt - that easy! To avoid premature wear on the gears, ensure that the rear drive wheels are in proper alignment. Misalignment will cause gear grinding and more noise. Where to Find Toro Recycler Model and Serial Number Your best bet is your Toro Recycler lawnmower’s parts manual. If you lost the parts manual but still know the model number, it will be easy to search online for a PDF version of the manual. You’ll be able to access other vital information including serial number and the required part number for the rear wheel gear assemblies. You can also check the label or tag that’s usually attached at the back of the unit. The exact location may vary from model to model but on most models, they are usually located behind the gas tank or on the deck’s rear just behind the rear bag cover.

Part Number: 115-4695