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We would like to thank our now 1,000,000+ CUSTOMERS and 12 years in business!!!! Our families are grateful.
We would like to thank our now 1,000,000+ CUSTOMERS and 12 years in business!!!! Our families are grateful.

241973101, PS2363843 Refrigerator Drawer Cover, AP4433018 1513005 Crisper Pan Cover Compatible with frigidaire, crosley Refrigerators (some models), Replaces AH2363843, EA2363843

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Current price $49.95

Brand: MONST


  • 【Product Quality】241973101 The drawer cover of the refrigerator is made of environment-friendly, safe and durable raw materials. It is manufactured according to OEM standards. It has been strictly checked before leaving the factory. Please feel free to use it.
  • 【Replacement Model】241973101 Refrigerator drawer cover replacement part number: 1513005, AH2363843, EA2363843, PS2363843 and AP4433018. You can ensure accurate purchase through part number and frame size.
  • 【Applicable Model】241973101 refrigerator drawer cover is compatible with frigidaire and Crosley refrigerators. frigidaire: DGHX2355TF0, DGHX2355TF4, DGHX2355TF5, FFHX2325TE0, FFHX2325TE2, etc. Crosley: CRSE233TB0, CRSE233TS0, CRSE233TW0, etc. ★For more models, see picture 3 or Product Description below.
  • 【Attention before Purchase】241973101 Crisper drawer cover does not include glass. You can order glass separately, part number: 241992909.
  • 【After-Sale Service】For the products, if there is any quality problem, it is no doubt to resend a new or unconditional refund. Customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit. No matter what problems you have, don't rush to leave negative comments. Let us know by email that we will provide you with sincere services and satisfactory solutions.

Details: You can use "Ctrl+F" to enter your refrigerator model, and click "Enter" to quickly search for the model. If your refrigerator model is not listed below, this part is not applicable! Applicable brand: frigidaire and Crosley Applicable model: frigidaire: DGHX2355TF0, DGHX2355TF4, DGHX2355TF5, FFHX2325TE0, FFHX2325TE2, FFHX2325TE3, FFHX2325TM0, FFHX2325TP0, FFHX2325TS0, FFHX2325TS1, FFHX2325TS2, FFHX2325TS3, FFSS2315TD0, FFSS2315TD1, FFSS2315TD2, FFSS2315TD3, FFSS2315TD4, FFSS2315TE0, FFSS2315TE1, FFSS2315TE2, FFSS2315TE3, FFSS2315TE4, FFSS2315TP0, FFSS2315TP1, FFSS2315TP2, FFSS2315TP3, FFSS2315TP4, FFSS2315TS0, FFSS2315TS1, FFSS2315TS2, FFSS2315TS3, FFSS2315TS5, FFSS2325TE0, FFSS2325TP0, FFSS2325TS0, FGHS2355KE1, FGHS2355KE2, FGHS2355KE4, FGHS2355KP1, FGHS2355KP2, FGHS2355KP4, FGHS2355PF0, FGHS2355PF1, FGHS2355PF2, FGHS2355PF4, FGHS2355PF5A, FGHS2355PF6B, FGHS2365KF1, FGHS2365KF2, FGHS2365KF4, FGHS2365KF5, FGHS2367KB1, FGHS2367KB2, FGHS2367KB3, FGHS2367KB4, FGHS2367KE1, FGHS2367KE2, FGHS2367KE3, FGHS2367KE4, FGHS2367KP1, FGHS2367KP2, FGHS2367KP3, FGHS2367KP4, FGHS2367KW1, FGHS2367KW2, FGHS2367KW3, FGHS2367KW4, FGHS2368LE0, FGHS2368LE2, FGHS2368LE3, FGHS2368LP0, FGHS2368LP1, FGHS2368LP2, FGHS2368LP3, FGHS2368LP4, FGHS2369KE1, FGHS2369KE2, FGHS2369KE4, FGHS2369KP1, FGHS2369KP2, FGHS2369KP4, FGSS2335TF0, FGSS2335TF1, FGSS2335TF3, FGSS2335TF4, FGSS2335TF5, FGSS2335TF6, FGSS2335TF7, FGSS2335TF9, FGSS2335TFA, FPHS2386LF0, FPHS2386LF1, FPHS2386LF2, FPHS2386LF3, FPHS2386LF4, FPHS2386LF5, FPHS2386LF6, FPHS2386LF7, FPHS2387KF1, FPHS2387KF2, FPHS2387KF3, FPHS2387KF4, FPHS2387KF5, FPHS2387KF6, FPHS2399KF1, FPHS2399KF2, FPHS2399KF3, FPHS2399KF4, FPHS2399KF5, FPHS2399PF0, FPHS2399PF2, FPHS2399PF3, FPHS2399PF4A, LFSS2312TD0, LFSS2312TD1, LFSS2312TD2, LFSS2312TD4, LFSS2312TE0, LFSS2312TE1, LFSS2312TE2, LFSS2312TE4, LFSS2312TF0, LFSS2312TF1, LFSS2312TF2, LFSS2312TF4, LFSS2312TP0, LFSS2312TP1, LFSS2312TP2, LFSS2312TP4. Crosley: CRSE233TB0, CRSE233TS0, CRSE233TW0.

Part Number: 241973101

model number: 241973101