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Cuisinart CCB-3001 Triple Thread Grill Brush

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Brand: Cuisinart


  • Easy and effective cleaning: The ideal brush for powerful and fast removal of food, grease, and debris from all types of grill grates.
  • 3 brushes in 1: the triple threat grill brush features 3 brushes in 1, giving you Triple the amount of cleaning in a third of the time of a traditional grill brush.
  • Stainless Steel woven wire bristles: the brush is made from stainless steel woven wire, best for getting off the toughest food, grease, and debris, leaving your grill clean and spotless.
  • 18 INCHES LONG: The 18-inch-long brush with 10. 5-inch extended handle adapts to all grill sizes and allows you to safely reach and clean all areas of your grill.
  • 90 Degree brush head angles: The brush head is designed allowing you to thoroughly clean all angles, even those traditionally hard to reach, with the same cleaning strength and leverages for all areas of your grill.

Details: Easily remove food, grease, & debris from all types of grill grates. The triple threat grill brush is 3 brushes in 1 & cleans faster than a traditional brush. The 90 Degree angles of each brush allow you to clean even the hardest to reach places and apply more cleaning leverage.