PT-08 BBQ Parts Gas Grill Heat Plate Heat Tent, Flame Tamer Burner Cover 15 x 3 13/16 inch, 4-Pack

by General
  • Fits Uniflame Models: GBC1059WB, GBC1059WB-C, GBC1059WE-C, GBC1069WB-C, GBC1143W-C
  • Fits Backyard Grill Models: BY12-084-029-98, BY13-101-001-12, BY13-101-001-13, BY14-101-001-02, BY14-101-001-04, BY14-101-001-099, BY15-101-001-02, GBC1255W, GBC1355W-C, GBC1440W, GBC1440WRSB-C, GBC1449-C, GBC1449W-C, GBC1449WBS-C, GBC1449WRS-C, GBC1460W, GBC1461W, GBC1462W-C, GBC1555W-C, GBC1562W-C
  • Fits Better Homes & Gardens Models: BH13-101-099-01, GBC1362W; Dyna-Glo Models: DGF510SSP, DGF510SSP-D; Phoenix Models: UK KS10002
  • Original Part Numbers: 55-10-156
  • Dimensions:15'' x 3 13/16''. Make sure you measure the size of your original parts and compare with ours BEFORE you order

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