Kamado Joe BJ-TISSERIENA Kamado Joe Big Joe Joetisserie


Brand: Kamado Joe

Color: Black


  • Motorized rotisserie accessory for your Kamado Joe Big Joe or Big Green Egg XL grill
  • The powerful electric motor can turn up to 40 lbs. of meat or poultry
  • The unique wedge-shaped ring provides a tight seal with the Kamado lid for optimal heat retention and temperature control
  • The durable 304 stainless steel spit rod is easy to install and features quickly adjustable forks

  • Easily self baste and rotate up to 50 pounds of chicken, beef, or pork for full flavors and even cooking
  • Simple design installs in seconds just connect the skewer to the motor
  • Easy, airtight fit for more heat retention thanks to the wedge shaped design
  • Features a convenient, powerful motor and dishwasher-safe skewer with adjustable fittings
  • The durable spit rod features adjustable forks for better balance
  • Includes 304 stainless steel spit rod and forks, as well as the cast aluminum ring
  • Cast aluminum ring

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 23 x 27 x 4.13 inches

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