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Brinkmann Stainless Steel Burner Tubes and Heat Plate Shields and Crossover Burner Tubes

by Adviace
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  • ★ MADE YOUR GRILL LIKE NEW AGAIN -Get your Brinkman 810-2410-S 810-2411-S Grill working again with this replacement grill repair kit. Aftermarket replacement parts made to fit the Brinkmann model 810-2410-S and 810-2411-S.
  • ★ INCILUDED WITH PURCHASE -This brinkman grill replacement parts 810-2410-S includes 4 heat tents, 4 grill burners and 3 crossover channels.
  • ★ PRODUCT INFORMATION -Heat Plate Dimensions: 15 1/8" x 3 3/4", Burner Cover Material: Stainless Steel. BBQ Burner Dimensions: 15 5/16" x 1", Gas Burner Material: Stainless Steel. Cross over Pipe Burner Dimensions: 7 9/16" x 2 3/8", Crossover Tubes Material: Stainless Steel
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  • ★ Grill Replacement Parts for Brinkmann 810-2410-S, 810-2411-F, 810-2411-S.

Details: For Brinkmann 810-2410-S 810-2411-S Gas Grill Repair Kit Replacement Grill Burners & Heat Plates and Grill Carryover Tubes. Over time, parts on your barbecue grill will wear out and rust, making your grill not work the way it is suppose to. This set of grill burners & heat tent and grill crossover tubes is made to fit for Brinkman grills including model number 810-2410-S 810-2411-S. Grill repair kit includes 4 grill burners, 4 heat plates and 3 crossover tube pipe burners. Get your grill working again with this For Brinkmann grill rebuild kit! SPECIFICATION ★Barbecue Burner Dimensions: 15 5/16" x 1" ★BBQ Burner Material: Stainless Steel ★Flavorizer Bar Dimensions: 15 1/8" x 3 3/4" ★Vaporizor Bar Material: Stainless Steel ★Crossover Tube Burners Dimensions: 7 9/16" x 2 3/8" ★Grill Carryover Tubes Material: Stainless Steel DOES IT FIT? ✔️ Brinkmann Models: 810-2410-S,810-2411-F, 810-2411-S ⚠NOTE: The"Fits" BRAND and MODEL # Listed above are Reference ONLY! We highlyrecommend you to measure size of your original replacements, and make acomparision with our listing! "Measure Twice...Buy Once..." ADVANTAGE & BENEFIT 👉Perfect fit, Work well 👉Easy to install 👉Much cheaper than buying locally 👉Made your grill like new again 👉Extend the life of your old grill